Why people think Americans are dumb

I was reading some articles on the Wall Street Journal website, when an article about the dearth of high scores on standardized tests caught my eye. The article, in a nut shell, talks about why the American education system is so bad and why fewer and fewer high school students possess basic skills that are essential for success in college. High schoolers are not being challenged enough; the rigor of the courses is just not enough to prepare students. Government can’t really help since its divided because Democrats and RepublicansĀ  have different ideas of changing the education in America, don’t expect a major change anytime soon. What flabbergasts me is that more adults have at least an associate degree in countries such as Europe thanĀ  adults in America, yet the best colleges in the world reside in America. So the people who think that Americans are dumb( mostly from countries in the East) have a point in that the education level in America is not at par with education level’s in other parts of the world, as these disappointing numbers show.

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