Twitter frenzy

Twitter has been gaining attention since it actually began. Some people, however, use the service too generically. Twitter's slogan was "What are you doing" but now the slogan is "What's happening". Some people literally respond to "whats happening". Those people might tweet "I am drinking coffee and watching the news". Nobody on twitter will ever actually follow you because, it is stupid to follow someone just to know what they are literally doing.  What's even scarier is that if you tweet " I am going to Walmart at this address…"  you might become a stalker's target. Only few people, like celebrities, can tweet about what their actually doing because they are famous enough and already have a  high enough reputation.

Twitter is or will become a common medium of communication, because of its millions of users and its big impact on daily life. What I try to tweet is something that is  useful and/or interesting. I usually tweet about something that's happening in the financial world, or about what the new technology is.  Sometimes I tweet about speedcubing. Alot of people whom I have talked to, think that twitter is "annoying and boring". I totally agree with that seeing that many new twitter users just stop using the service after the first few days. What those people do not get is that, twitter is good for personal branding. In fact, I have seen places where you can buy and sell twitter usernames. Having a twitter name is becoming as important as having your own personal Many people who find twitter boring don't see its personal branding value. They think that they have to just answer "What's happening?" literally. Go to and sign up for a username. Use twitter as a tool to expand your network and learn new things

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