New Yahoo CEO: Potential upturn for Yahoo?

On Monday June 16th, 2012, news broke out that Marissa Mayer is being named the head of What’s ironic is that Mayer’s comes from a company that has been battling it out with Yahoo for internet supremacy. Yes, you guessed it, its Google inc.  Mayer, now 37 years old, actually joined Google during its infancy. She has spearheaded the search division for years and has also run the location and local arms of the division. News articles have cited her as one of the best spokesperson for Google. Why would a computer science Stanford Graduate abandon Google, a company who has been expanding their plethora of product lines and increasing profits, at a top post and join Yahoo, a web portal that has been faltering in recent years,? Turns out,  she hasn’t been able to secure a position in Google’s top senior research team. Nevertheless, her incumbency as Yahoo’s CEO is a possible threat to Google. Juxtaposed to her predecessors, she has brought the most to the table. Following her announcement as Yahoo’s CEO, Google’s stock price tumbled from 578 to about 573 at around 9:30 EDT-9:50 EDT during early hours of trading. It doesn’t seem like Mayer is an imminent threat at least. When I start hearing “yahoo it” instead of “google it”, then I would think Google needs to watch its back.

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