About me


My name is Aditya Dargan and I am a Sophomore at Carnegie Mellon University studying business and computer science. I am interested in quantitative research and trading as well as entrepreneurship. My career aspiration is to break into the hedge fund industry and one day start my own hedge fund.  My hobbies include speedcubing, juggling, website design, programming, table tennis, and tennis. I currently maintain  a website, www.cubegeek.net , which is dedicated to my hobby of speedcubing. At Carnegie Mellon, I was  Freshman representative on the Executive board for OM, an Indian spiritual and cultural organization. Currently as a Sophomore, I am a sponsorship chair for Bhangra in the Burgh 7, an on campus organization that organizes a “Bhangra” competition in Pittsburgh, with proceeds that go to charity.

I am currently looking for  a summer internship in the financial services industry. I am interested in positions at hedge funds, trading firms, investment banks, private equity firms but am open to other opportunities as well.