3D animation

I was looking through the files on my desktop today and found some of the files that I had worked on for 3d animation. I was in 3d animation last year, but it did not work out well. I did not take it this year. I still have some of the work I had done, so you can still look at it. All the animations were created by a program called 3d max, and they were actually created by me. Keep in mind that this was my first year in animation so my animations are not as good as those of professional animators. I have two video clips of my animations. When you animate in 3ds max, you have to render your animation into a .avi file. So here are my animations. The first animation is about a ball bouncing down a staircase , and the second one is about a leaf falling from a tree. I know that there are some mistakes ,but I tried my best to make the animation as realistic as possible.

Ball bouncing down the stairs


Falling leaf: 

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