New Yahoo CEO: Potential upturn for Yahoo?

On Monday June 16th, 2012, news broke out that Marissa Mayer is being named the head of What’s ironic is that Mayer’s comes from a company that has been battling it out with Yahoo for internet supremacy. Yes, you guessed it, its Google inc. […]

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After a few hours of tinkering, has finally been upgraded. The site is now better organized, faster and looks better. The Houston Cubing Association pages have been now put  on the site. I designed a new front page with a slidshow effect with […]

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A look inside the world of Forex

What is the biggest trading market in the world? Stocks? Options? Futures? Not exactly. Trading currencies is actually the biggest trading market in the world. In fact, trillions of dollars are traded everyday by speculating on the prices of currencies. What is interesting to see […]

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Futures: not for the feeble

Recently I have been using a new simulator tool I found on the Internet called “virtual trade” on the CBOE website. It is a pretty nice stimulator and gives you a wide array of options of trading. You can trade options, stocks, and futures as […]

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Game theory: Prisoners dilemma

I recently got interested in game theory and I finally understood one of most popular examples in it:  Prisoners Dilemma. I find it quite exciting so I will explain it to you in the most simple way possible. Prisoner’s Dilemma: Basically, Billy Bob and Joe […]

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Why people think Americans are dumb

I was reading some articles on the Wall Street Journal website, when an article about the dearth of high scores on standardized tests caught my eye. The article, in a nut shell, talks about why the American education system is so bad and why fewer […]

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A paper I had written for english

I was digging through my computer files yesterday when I found my paper that I had written about the financial crisis. My teacher was not a big fan of the paper, but I think some of you might be interested in it so here is […]

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